About Us

Entertainment Inspired – Films; This is a digital marketing, an A&R and PR platform to promote films and brands while it experience the premium blend of film making business in Documentary, TV programs, Music Video, Movies , Skits, etc; via Digital (Online TV), Cable and Terrestrial stations.

This generation has gotten tired of the older defining what entertainment should be for them and mean to them. All presently existing formats have appealed to the senses of the older generation not the youths.

Youths are bored! It is high time we give entertainment to youths the way they like it; in their own style and pattern; formats that speak freedom, individuality, adventure and fun.

The youth folk and young at heart remains the largest consumer audience of the entertainment industry all over the world, and vanguard outfits would give to them original, unique and engaging entertainment.


Brand Name:  Entertainment Inspired


Brand personality: energetic, dynamic, urban, mature and cool

Brand Value proposition: fun, excitement, originality, career building.

Target Audience: Across board

Brand Philosophy: Originality, innovation and differentiation

We have decided to create a platform where across board and especially the youths can interact and network with like minds, showcase their talentsexpose themselves to industry giants (filmmakers), labels, producers, directors, casting agencies, marketers, talents managements… all aiming to achieve the Big dream of being in the limelight and business wise.

EI is all about films business, appreciation, discovery and empowering talents. Today, Nigerian Entertainment Industry ranks amongst the biggest and most prolific in the world. With huge international icons across, music, movies, lifestyle and arts…….Nigerians has truly refined entertainment in Africa within the last decade and half. This budding revolution has reached a climax that the pool of unknown and viewed films are actually more than the established ones.

Our goal is to inspire film makers and  give a platform to harness, express and unveil to the world.

HNI’s, Captains of industries, CEOs, Brand executives and managers can use the platform to boost their brand mileage by connecting to new markets (subscribers/customers).


1.     EI helps replenish the pool of refreshing and thrilling films content coming out of Africa.

2.     To encourage and empower African entertainment, investors and future stars.

3.     EI helps to increase the hope and faith for success amidst filmmakers, thereby keeping them focused and on track.

4.     To get unknown and unsigned acts into the limelight faster.

5.     Preserving the posterity of African Entertainment.

6.     Youths are the largest sector of any population- ranging from ages 18 above.

7.     Young people are characterized by fun, freedom and adventure; they are that element of film making of the economy that keeps everything going.

8.     Films not only constitute largely to the present gross income of Countries via patronage and association, it also mean future business and continuity, as it grow brands; opening up revenue possibilities that transcend the present.

9.     Today’s filmmakers must understand “branding youth” – putting brands in league with the lifestyles and mindset of the youth.

10.                         Films are all about telling true stories, youthfulness; it portrays energy, liveliness, sincerity, creativity, ideas and vivacity, all these are hall marks of filmmaking in solid sync with a life full of fun, goals and dreams.

Mic Dunamis Global Concepts Ltd has therefore heightened its ambitions to create social solutions and formats; that will introduce a new era of excitement, entertainment and engagement. This is the entertainment inspired (EI) platform.

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