#SILENTKILLER Silent Killer is a short Film aim at addressing the menace of Abortions, post abortion syndromes, and including the medical and psychological effects. The story is fictional though inspired by true life events poised to teach abstinence, and the use of protection among teenagers and young adults. Abortion among young people is truly a silent killer, in our society today, arguably almost every family have lost a love one to the Silent Killer and this is the time to start talking about it in oder to minimize their risk of fallen prey to their male predators, thereby maximizing their potential to keep their dignity and further to the create more awareness on the menace and complications of abortion. The story is centered on the life of two young lovers, Sandra (Ambrose Blessing) and Tayo (Aaron Sunday). It tells of the Naivety of the lovers who met and fall in love during their academic pursuit as university students. Conflicts arise when the two lovers, who were sexually active realized they are ill prepared for the consequences of their actions after Sandra discover she was pregnant with Tayo’s baby, and they were faced with the dilemma of the decisions to take. Like most teenagers in such situations, abortion readily seem to be the first option and way out, however, Sandra wouldn’t go with such thought. She decided to live up to her responsibilities and face the consequences head on. This puts her at a cross road of decision with her Lover Tayo and a barrage of advice from her close friends Efe (Marian Osioh). Who believes she is throwing her future away by keeping the pregnancy. The story further tells of the psychological and emotional pains, this little teenage girl had to go through, in her attempt to do the right thing by keeping her unborn child alive as opposed to having an abortion as persuaded by her lover Tayo & her friend Efe. It was an emotional roller coaster for her. This short film is informative and indeed educational, it is never too late or early to teach our children sex education and its benefits. Silent Killer is Written, Produced and Edited by Emmanuel Patrick for 345media Production In Association with Mic Duanmis Global Concepts Limited Directed by Jibunma O James. Also Features Nollywood fast growing Talents and Actors Ambros Blessing Aaron Sunday Ronnie Bembe May Abasi Adesina McCoy Babalola Marian Osioh And Mathew Onwuka Special appearance by Tunji Sotimirin @345media @micdunamis @entinspiredtv FB: facebook.com/345media facebook.com/micdunamis1 facebook.com/entinspiredtv For sponsorship & advert placement contact: +234 703 458 2934 +234 815 771 4925

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